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I am this crazy girl that has many problems. I am this quiet girl that likes to keep to myself. I am this envious/hateful girl that hates everyone. I am this slutty girl that loves sex so much that I do not find it shameful. I am also this quiet guy that just is in madly love with this woman that I stay quiet to myself.

My Lesbian and Beastality Encounter

 I didn’t think I would ever be turned on by girls.  As long as I’ve known, guys were the only thing that attracted my attention.  I’ve been going most of my life, even though I’m 17 years old, thinking that only guys could give me pleasure.  All that changed when I met my cousin’s girlfriend, Tina.  My cousin is a male, so I’m not sure how he got her because I found out that she is a lesbian.  Well she told me when I was asking her why she was with my cousin.  She said that she was dared to date him for a little bit and surprisingly she was actually pleased to have sex with him.  He was the only guy that actually got her to cum, but she was still into girls.  At first I thought I was just curious about how girls had sex with each other, because I kept asking her so many questions every time she came over.  I soon found out that I was actually attracted to her and wanted to have sex with her myself. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was attracted to her, or if I was bi-curious.  Tina told me that there is a lot of girls out in the world that are bi-curious and a lot more girls that act like they are bisexual or lesbian just to get attention from guys since guys love girl on girl action.  I thought that was a desperate cry for attention and she told me that it was pretty much that.  One day, when I asked her about how many girls she had been with, she took me back to my room and sat me on the bed.  We talked for awhile and she asked me if I wanted to try to have sex with her.  I blushed really hard and turned my head because I didn’t think she would ask me something like that since she was dating my cousin.  She’s much older than me, 20 years old, and I didn’t want her to get in trouble because of that.  I knew she was smiling because everyone would smile at me when I blush.  Something about turning read and my high cheekbones showing is really cute to people.  Tina turned my head towards her and she told me that she was going to break up with my cousin anyway because her dare was almost over and she didn’t know if she was ever going to see me again and she actually wanted to have sex with me.  This made me blush even more because I didn’t see any signs of her liking me like that at all.  What was I suppose to say or do?  I finally made up my mind and told her that I would like to, but how were we going to do that with my cousin and the rest of my family in the house.  Tina told me that it was all going to be fine, because I could come over to her house and that her and her sister was going to have sex with me. Mind blown, I just stayed on my bed shocked as hell.

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